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Maa Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati

Parvathi was born in India into a family with ancient lineage of Yoga and Vedanta. Raised with these teachings and principles, she began her training.
She received the Shree Vidya transmissions and teachings through the eminent Shree Amritananda Saraswati Sahasrakshi Peetham, Devipuram India and also was initiated and tutored by Shree Siddhanti.

Shree Vidya is the culminating science of Yoga , Tantra and spirituality and is the most refined methodology of samadhi states and moksha. It reveals grace beauty and totality, refining the Idam to Aham. Shree Vidya returns us to atma stithi immanent and transcendent.

For authentic Shree Vidya teachings please go to www.devipuram.com